Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’d close my eyes and dance across an ocean, just for you
To see you smile and kiss your lips goodnight
If I could fly to see you sigh there’s nothing I’d not do
To tuck you in and then turn out the light

I’d buy balloons and hold on tight to float down too your door
So I could hear your laugh and see you smile
Then we could fly together if I bought a thousand more
In love we’d sail the skies in such a style

I’ll buy a boat and start to row until I hit your land
Then walk until I find the place you live
And everyone who shares a love I’m sure will understand
There are many thousand gifts I want to give

I’ll pedal in a pedallo or ski behind a kite
Or any other way that I can sail
You say that I can’t do it but to be with you I might
When your in love you know you cannot fail

Look out and see the stars and moon, and check them carefully
I’ll find a way that I can hitch a ride
The distant shape that’s falling down, it’s possible is me
On parachute and gliding to your side

The miles that you are far away are nothing to my love
They’ll melt into a gentle stroll for two
I know that all I need to find is just a gentle shove
To glide across and spend the night with you