Poetry by Jeff Green


My Goddess

by cricketjeff on June 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The day that I met you my life was reset
The only pure goddess that I’ve ever met
I danced through the stars as you stood by my side
And all of them twinkled and wanted to hide

We slid down the moonbeams and smiled at the fun
Together we laughed as we passed everyone
And bathing in silver the light of the night
Your beauty and passion filled everyone’s sight

I floated in orbit was weightless with love
Astronomers gasped at our show up above
Positions impossible down there below
Were played out on telescopes aimed at our glow

The morning dawned golden the sun met our need
I filled you with passion you swallowed my greed
The sun on your back drove your lusts to the peak
A carnal adventure that lasted all week

Our loving was slowing our energy spent
You held me so tenderly, knew what it meant
Last climax approaching, the ends of our lust
You whispered my name as I finished my thrust

When time came to part we just planned a repeat
For love with a goddess is never complete
I’ll dare any dare and I’ll call any bluff
One session with you is just never enough

Author notes

Couldn’t pick a prompt so I thought I’d go for the full set