Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She waits in the rain for his love to arrive.
She waits and she dreams of his lust.
He asked her to wait and she feels so alive,
She waits in the rain as she must.

He left her that day but he said he’d be back.
So, “wait for me here on that day”
She lost to his lust so she waits by the track,
The spot where he asked her to stay.

Her head is alive with the way that he felt,
Her mind ever ready to yield.
She’ll play with the cards that the dealer has dealt,
She waits by the edge of the field.

He sees that she waits where he asked her to wait
And lusts for her love that obeys.
He fills up with love for his lady so great
He’ll love her for all of his days

So there, in the rain, on the grass in the field
They love, and they lust and they tease
But now it’s not her that is happy to yield
He does what she wants just to please

She know she’s the strength to control everything
She just has to let him pretend
That he’s in control since he bought her the ring
But we know the truth, don’t we friend.