Poetry by Jeff Green


An alternative view.

by cricketjeff on June 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A humanist, a pacifist, I love my fellow man.
I wrestle with the gods that blight the Earth.
We humanists don’t demonise, don’t hatch a deadly plan
We think that even christians have their worth.

A wiccan god, a christian god, a hindu deity
Can be taken as excuse to fight and kill.
No humanist, no gentle man, will try to curb the free.
Religion always seems to lead to ill.

The Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran too
Are arenas where the gods of man make sport,
There, evil men all use their gods to tell them what to do.
When the real truth is “do just what you ought.”

Don’t treat your fellow mortals as a tool to laud your god.
All-potent beings would not need your praise.
If he knows your thoughts and sees your deeds, I think it rather odd
That he doesn’t want to help to mend your ways.

So in Macbeth the witches aren’t the evil you pretend
They just express the way the future looks.
It’s goodly men, who plot and scheme, to do away a friend
Not women acting as unlikely cooks.

Don’t look outside to deities; you think, you have free-will.
You have to judge your actions on your own.
You teach your children what is right, so they know good from ill
And with luck you won’t have reason to atone.

Author notes

I can’t let anyone get away with equating Christianity with good

At the time of Shakespeare across Europe “Christians” were busy burning each other and disembowelling non-believers to help them see the light.

It is just as valid to read a lot of Shakespeare as pointing out the evil deeds of the establishment.

A contest judge would like me to put Transatlanticism here, so I shall.