Poetry by Jeff Green


When you are with me

by cricketjeff on June 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want you sat beside me when I’m counting shooting stars
With breathless breezes blowing from the sea
When there is gentle music played by Jupiter and Mars
I always want to know that you’re with me
I drink a little Brandy from the bottle on the beach
I want to offer you a sip to share
My life is so much better when I feel you are in reach
Although I know you’re never really there
Whenever I am walking to the shops or just for fun
I turn to you and look into your eyes
Since life was never meant to be a game for only one
I  need a friend who’s there to share my sighs
I feel that you are with me when I read your poetry
As I know every line is part of you
I’m never really lonely since you’ve read the best of me
So writing words like this is what I’ll do