Poetry by Jeff Green


A perfect date

by cricketjeff on August 20, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As I sit down to write this rhyme
My dream is getting started
I greet you with a kiss and find
Your lips are slightly parted

I pull out the chair for you to sit
You brush past me as you do
And arch your back as I push the chair
So I get a better view

I then sit down, we order food
You settle on red wine
As my hand rests on the table
You put your hand on mine

The starters and the main course done
We each can choose a sweet
You choose a very sticky cake
As your early evening treat

The courses are all finished
Your fingers have been liked
We set off for the cinema
To see the film you picked

We sit upon a pair of seats,
You lift the arm between
And put your head upon my shoulder
As we watch what’s on the screen

I put my arm around you
As the film gets under way
Your hand drops down in to my lap
As my hand starts to stray

The film is rather sexy
So is the way we watch
Every time the action hots up
Our passion’s up a notch

When the film is over
The lights come up all round
Your arms are round my shoulders
And your lips, my lips , have found

I ask if you would like a bite
You says as you squeeze my leg
“The next thing that you’re feeding me
Is two rashers and an egg!”