Poetry by Jeff Green


The curse of the iamb

by cricketjeff on August 22, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I am studying the iamb
Right now my sonnets stink
Writing iambic pentameter
Is harder than you think

Five “tee tums” I have to find
Repeated fourteen times
And if that wasn’t hard enough
I need seven pairs of rhymes

With what I write, I find “tum tee tum”
A bouncier sort of flow
But plain iambic pentameter
Is the way that sonnets go

Romantic rhymes through history
Have taken sonnet form
And I’d really like to have a go
To keep tradition warm

But all the sonnets I have tried
Have lost the rigid beat
I do not want to be denied
So I’m turning up the heat

When I have done with this short tale
And then my working day
I’m back to bashing iambs
Until a sonnet comes my way!