Poetry by Jeff Green


Mary the hero!!!

by cricketjeff on June 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It is eighty for six and it’s ten to three
There are forty to score and it’s time for me
They are bowling so fast I can hardly see
But I know we can win

Now it’s ninety for seven it’s looking tough
I don’t know if Peter can score enough
And as for me have I got the right stuff
And I know we can win

One hundred and eight and now Peter’s caught
What do I get from this bloody sport
Just concentrate and play like you ought
And you’ll see we will win

Young David has smeared a ball for six
He’s fourteen years old and he’s up to tricks
They’ll change the bowler to give him a fix
But maybe we can win

I’ve edged a two and we have to run
It is bloody hard work and I do this for fun!
The players who’re out have already begun
To celebrate the win

Another big heave and young David’s out
The visiting fans have begun to shout
And it’s Mary in next, so I must doubt
That we will see a win

She’s only twelve and scared of the ball
She’s never scored a run at all
But there’s one thing, she is not very tall
And that will help us win

He’s big and bad and mean and fast
He’s going to win with one great blast
He aims at her head it goes sailing past