Poetry by Jeff Green


My idyll

by cricketjeff on June 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A gentle cascade of the blue scented waters
Trickling down over green shining rocks
A song in the air sung by Neptune’s fair daughters
Flowing right through me undoing my locks
A breath of fresh breeze that was kissed by a mountain
The sight of a bird as it soars past a cloud
A soft summer rain that is more like a fountain
A day in a valley so far from a crowd
A walk over grass that is softer than feathers
Lie down in the sun on a carpet of moss
A spot on the Earth in the best of all weathers
Where dreams can ensure that no day is a loss
The tang of the water that sprang from the hillside
That’s cleaning my palette and waking my mind
The song of a grasshopper sat by the rillside
My muses see poems in all they can find
The lake far below me where fishes are dancing
The wood on the left where a deer or two play
Nothing I know could be more life enhancing
Than dreaming the countryside stole me away