Poetry by Jeff Green


In the rain

by cricketjeff on June 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The evening light is dying on a perfect summer day
With the golden rays of sunset in your hair
And my for love you is showing in a warm and friendly way
So we kiss to celebrate the scented air
But I really miss the storm clouds and the crash of summer showers
When I fold you in my arms to take the strain
On a perfect summer evening I would hold you tight for hours
But I always want to kiss you in the rain

The summer light caresses and the warming breezes tease
And I need to know that you are by my side
But the shock of storms approaching and way they make you squeeze
Brings a pleasure that I know won’t be denied
For although I love the sunshine and the way it makes me feel
The approach of darker weather brings a gain
My love for you is growing and the summer glow is real
But I always want to kiss you in the rain

I don’t want a perfect summer when heat-waves last for days
And the burning on my skin is such a pain
I just wait to hear the thunder and the clearing of the haze
And I always want to kiss you in the rain