Poetry by Jeff Green


A perfect summer day

by cricketjeff on June 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Summer is the time of year when everything is part of you
I sit and dream that we were one when all the world was bright and new
The gentle breezes blow my mind and waft away all thoughts but love
Sweet roses dance in every hue and swifts and swallows hunt above

The soft green leaves that dress the trees are rustled in a cheerful tune
The perfect place to dream of love a shady garden seat in June
A blackbird whistles to his wife that there are worms and grubs to eat
I sit so still that sparrows land and peck the ground around my feet

Now close my eyes and swiftly drift to where you sit and dream of me
Another garden far away where all of life is poetry
A bowl of berries dressed with cream a glass of wine that’s freshly chilled
A song-thrush singing songs of love a feeling that my life’s fulfilled

A steady beat as rain begins the music of a summer storm
I don’t retreat to hide indoors as every drop is soft and warm
And far away I hope that you are thrilling to the thunder too
As day departs the storm abates and silver moon beams dance on cue

We sit and talk inside our minds as scent of stock pervades the air
There is no distance dreams can’t cross each lover knows the other’s there
A summer day though far apart I’ve spent each moment in your arms
The summer sun has cast this spell the greatest of dame nature’s charms