Poetry by Jeff Green


I believe

by cricketjeff on June 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On the day that I first met you I was captured by your smile
Your cheerful face and eyes that hold my soul
The moment that you kissed me and you held me for a while
The parts of me became a single whole
The breezes that were blowing seemed to clean the past away
And paint a certain shyness on the sky
The leaves were busy dancing and I envied them their play
And you kissed me as we watched the world go by
The clouds were busy skidding as they raced across the blue
The wind was making merry with your hair
All the time I was enchanted by the playfulness of you
You seemed to draw your kisses from the air
It wasn’t meant forever and I’ve lost you from my life
I should have held on tight and made you mine
Would I be a better person if I’d kept you for a wife
Would I ever find a way to bait my line
Now I cannot see the future but I know I’m on my own
I find these days I’m rather thinly skinned
I can’t believe my destiny’s to live a life alone
But I believe in kisses in the wind