Poetry by Jeff Green


The recipe for love

by cricketjeff on June 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I cream the golden butter of your soul
With equal weights of sweetness from your heart
For each 2 ounces eggs are added whole
Well taking off the shells before you start

Self raising flour and cocoa go in next
The weight must match the butter more or less
To beat it all your muscles will be flexed
Electric mixers can reduce the stress

We’ll spoon the mixture into baking tins
And lick a little spare from parts of you
Set twenty minutes when the bake begins
Then think of something fun that two can do

When cooked and cooled it’s time for you to ice
And icing someone special can be nice!

Author notes

8 oz butter, 8 oz sugar, cream together add four large eggs, beat well, 6 oz SR flour 2 oz Cocoa sieved in and mixed well. Bake in trays for 20 mins or until cooked at gas mark 4, then turn out, cool and ice.