Poetry by Jeff Green


Perfect day

by cricketjeff on June 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The stars that ruled ruled the night are put away
The brilliance of the Sun sends them to bed
A tranquil blue bedecks a summer’s day
A pristine canvas stretches overhead

The birds and bees are flitting through the flowers
There is no other scene I’d wish to see
The hunt for food will fill their daytime hours
Their beauty will be there for you and me

On such a day I’m glad to be awake
While friends abroad aren’t troubled in their sleep
The magic of each season cannot break
The truths of life whose anchors are so deep

If underneath the Sun or diamond stars
The world deserves the time to heal its scars

Author notes

This is a pair with my previous poem, silent night, check the ends of lines