Poetry by Jeff Green


The world

by cricketjeff on June 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A phone call from my eldest son, his hay-fever is bad
He called to tell me of his car and check up on his Dad
Had dinner with my in-laws, and with both my youngest two
Now I am home to help a friend who has some work to do

His brand new server’s logs are wrong I said I’d work a fix
But first my neighbour comes to call “their baby’s learnt new tricks”
A dripping tap, will take some time, the washer’s worn away
Now number two is on the phone with “Happy Father’s Day”

It seems one hundred years ago since Terry showed his face
And now there’s only two of them still hanging round the place
But I am glad that I can say the four of them are fine
They all have grown in different ways and all of them are mine

If you’re a dad, or you’re a mum I guess you’ll feel this too
When children say “hey! thank you dad” it means the world to you!