Poetry by Jeff Green


Two waltzes

by cricketjeff on June 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you dance with your girl you’re on top of the world
And the music can take you away.
She is held in your arms and your bodies are curled,
You get lost in the games you can play.
As you glide round the floor, with the one you adore,
You see love in her eyes all the while.
Then she steers you away from the crowd, to the door
And her face has developed a smile.
With your arm round her waist and her hand slyly placed,
It is love that she has on her mind.
With her key in its place you may find you are faced
With a dance of a different kind.
Though you waltzed to her bed what is inside her head
Is a rhythm more basic and free.
So to pleasure you’re led and all senses are fed;
We will leave there’s no more we should see.

Author notes

In an anapaestic ballad measure to sound like a waltz (di-di-dah for quick-quick-slow)

I have included quite a lot of internal rhyme but unusually for me some of it is slanted and sometimes it is missing, I think this makes it sound more like a couple of amateurs dancing rather than a polished performance, any opinions?