Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The silver light that shines upon your face
Illuminates perfection in my eyes.
You cannot hide behind a bold disguise,
My smiling Moon shows all in proper place.
She circles all the world in endless chase
And shines to dissipate each lover’s lies.
Then wants to look away in hurt surprise
She cannot ever beat you in the race.

Within your eyes I see the love you hold
And smile to know the love is all for me.
The greatest story I was ever told;
The magic spell that sets my spirit free.
In all of life there is no finer gold,
You are the greatest treasure I could see.

The world was born to celebrate his face
And yet he stands abashed before your eyes.
Beside your features he must seek disguise
And cannot bear to take his rightful place.
Today the Sun decides he will not chase
But try to hide his shame in gentle lies.
To be outshone on Earth a rare surprise
He cedes to you the triumph in this race.

I long to be the trophy that you hold,
To know that all you care about is me.
You placed me in the stories that you told,
It’s when you have me chained that I am free.
Within you beats a heart of fairy gold,
The magic of your love has made me see.

Each one of us adores the other’s face
And sees the world reflected in their eyes.
We see behind the transient disguise,
To put ourselves within the proper place.
We’ll live our lives in sympathetic chase
And make our rest just were the other lies
That such a love exists is our surprise.
Are we unmatched in all the human race?

We each are kept within love’s softest hold.
I live inside the world you give to me.
The truth of every romance ever told,
Within this perfect prison we are free.
We’ve left the world of avarice and gold
and through the eyes of love we truly see.

Author notes

A tryad of Petrachan sonnets written as a duet for two lovers, he says the words in blue to her, she says those in red to him, having compared each other to the sun and moon they speak the third sonnet together.

This started out as a dyad of Petrachan sonnets (That is two sonnets with abba abba cdcdcd rhyme scheme which use the same rhyming words to establish a symmetry). Originally written as both sonnets comparing a lady to both the Sun and the Moon Amera suggested that would be better if it were a duet, to emphasise this new interpretation I added a third sonnet which is a duet between the two lovers. Lots of thanks to friends for help in improving this poem.