Poetry by Jeff Green


Still kissing

by cricketjeff on June 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At eight o’clock she sat inside his car
He said the restaurant was not too far
They started with a drink beside the bar
She dreamt of kissing 

The Maitre de had told them where to sit
The waiter fussed about a little bit
The menu was in French, they looked at it
She thought of kissing 

The starter had brioche and bits of fish
She closed her eyes and made a little wish
He wished that they had brought a bigger dish
And she wants kissing 

The duck was served with plum and orange sauce
There wasn’t all that much for “the main course”
He taps out “I love you” in perfect Morse
His lips need kissing 

Dessert has apple foam and lots of cream
The menu says that it’s called “Bombe Supreme”
The food is good but he is just a dream
Who longs for kissing 

The food is cleared away she takes his hand
The gaze that’s in her eyes he’ll understand
What happens next she has had closely planned
And now they’re kissing 

The hours pass but still they do not move
“A modern sculpture destined for the Louvre”
One look would say that Rodin will approve
And they’re still kissing! 

Author notes

Moonbumps first contest.