Poetry by Jeff Green


The riverbank

by cricketjeff on June 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sight of you in summer sun
The scent that lingers in the air
Your smile suggesting future fun
You’re everywhere

I ask your name, we start to flirt
A Southern Comfort, lots of ice
Two luscious legs, I love that skirt
Your lips look nice

I stare enraptured by your eyes
And swear you want to drown in mine
Our talk is now reduced to sighs
Our legs entwine

A walk along the river bank
My arm around a slender waist
We kiss and I know all you drank
A sexy taste

A quiet place with soft green grass
Keen hands explore each lying form
Beneath your skirt I find an arse
So soft and warm

My buttons do not slow you down
My lips have found some points to tease
The softest pink that’s tipped in brown
And sure to please

You welcome me with just a sigh
A warm and tender love is found
Each movement met with keen reply
Upon the ground

We bask in sun and afterglow
The world around has brighter hue
There is one thing that now I know
That I love you