Poetry by Jeff Green


My friend Pat’s cat!

by cricketjeff on June 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My friend Pat
Has bought a cat
Who looks just like
A sheepskin mat

Walk in the door
And on the floor
This big fat cat
Will stretch a paw

He likes to eat
A lot of meat
All red and raw
Then licks his feet

He never moves
Just disapproves
Of food that sweet
Or jazz that grooves

The flat’s too small
He fills it all
And this just proves
No-one will call

And all Pat’s friends
Are at wits ends
Friendships all stall
At lets pretends

It is no use
They make excuse
“I’ve got the bends”
“The bull got loose”

They’ll stay away
The wisest say
That Pat’s new “Moose”
Can wreck their day

Pat doesn’t know
The cat should go
It’s friendship’s noose
It kills the flow

Pat has a wife
Who hate’s her life
She has to show
The cat means strife

She’s bought a dog
A greedy hog
The time is rife
For chasing Mog

The cat will run
It’s back to fun
Drinking Pat’s grog
For everyone!!

Author notes

Well it’s fun!!!!