Poetry by Jeff Green


Visiting time (another French sonnet)

by cricketjeff on June 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I built a little boat, to sail across the sea
To find the girl I love, a foxy little miss
It’s not that far to go, to get a little kiss
Then if I am in luck, she’ll sail away with me

The little boat I built, was neat as it could be
But there’s a little hitch, it goes a lot like this
I’ve no idea of how to sail away to bliss
Must find another way to set my spirit free

I’ll sell the little boat, and start my plan again
And go to buy a seat, aboard an aeroplane

Then when I get to her, I wonder what she’ll say
It could be quite a shock, she may give out a squeal
I hope she’ll stand her ground, not try to run away
I want to kiss her lips, to show her that I’m real

Author notes

abba abba cc dede rhyme in iambic hexameter (aka Alexandrines), French Sonnets alos come in pentameter but I am trying for the full effect, caesura on every line stress the sixth syllable. Will try internal rhyme next I think.