Poetry by Jeff Green


Life in a shadow

by cricketjeff on June 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Living is best when you just do the living
Forget all the things that it’s best to forget
Giving yourself is the best part of giving
Regret is a habit you’d live to regret
Never surrender to those who say never
Defend to the end those you need to defend
Clever replies rarely seem very clever
Depend on the people who freely depend
Reason for action’s not action for reason
Resist the naysayers who’d have you resist
Season by season you live for the season
Exist for yourself it’s your right to exist
      Reflect on your life when you’ve time to reflect
      Respect for yourself means you gain my respect

Author notes

An 11 syllable tetrameter shadow sonnet, with feminine rhyme in the Shakespearean pattern.