Poetry by Jeff Green


Garden dreams

by cricketjeff on June 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to sit inside a garden,
        wrapped away from all life’s care
Listen to the song birds chatter,
        cake and wine for us to share
Scent of roses drifting gently,
        soothing all the world away
Tales to tell that don’t much matter,
        just to cheer the end of day

I want to let your lovely verses,
        take me to a magic place
Hear your words drift through the evening
        wiping out life’s tragic face
All we do is sit serenely
        holding hands and dreaming dreams
Half distracted by the fountain
        and the goldfish in the streams

Day can fade without a murmur
        as the roses smile and sigh
You and I will hardly notice
        as we let it all slip by
Garden magic keeps us happy,
        nicely cooled by summer breeze
Love and roses, all that’s needed,
        keeping lovers at their ease

Poetry will feed our fancies,
        all the cake now safe inside
Nature playing in the bushes
        where a pair of thrushes hide
Lips touch lips like soft rose petals
        fingers feel for something more
Garden joys of summer evenings
        shadows chase across floor

Time to leave, the wine is emptied,
        arm in arm we walk to night
Bid the garden gentle wishes,
        as the sunset dims the light
Roses blush inside their beauty,
        watch the lovers walk to bed
Garden magic scene of beauty,
        is it all inside my head?