Poetry by Jeff Green


The breezes blow

by cricketjeff on June 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The summer sun caresses all the leaves on all the trees
And flowers bob and weave to taste the air
The branches on the bushes dance with pleasure at the breeze
And the blackbird picks up worms for young to share

I’m sitting watching cricket and the sun is on my face
I’m dreaming of the girl I want to squeeze
With summer sun and cricket then I know the world’s in place
My dreams are sent to reach her on the breeze

A cup of tea beside me and the thoughts of her to tease
The pleasure of the game to make me smile
The swallows overhead are making patterns in the breeze
Her eyes are in my daydreams all the while

My slice of walnut bread is being eyed-up by the birds
I’ve covered it in home-made jam to please
While in my head I’m covering the girl I love with words
And feeling all her love is in the breeze

Each day like this in summer’s sure to put me at my ease
And send my spirit soaring high above
The best in life is cricket, sun and birdsong on the breeze
For any man whose dreaming of his love.

Author notes

I am not sure about the “breeze” in every stanza, what do you think? It seemed like a fun idea, and I rather like the overall feel.