Poetry by Jeff Green


A dream of you

by cricketjeff on June 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On every perfect summer’s day, I dream of you.
When you are stuck so far away, I dream of you.

Within my mind you are with me, in all I do.
I never want to set you free, just dream of you.

Before I sleep I lie in bed, and bid adieu.
Then through the night inside my head, a dream of you.

The times that we can be as one are all too few,
In poetry this tale is spun a dream of you.

When we can meet we will rejoice, and live anew;
Until such time I’ll have to voice this dream of you.

To live apart must be a curse, that’s born by two
And cricketjeff will make his verse, a dream of you.

Author notes

regular hexameter monorhymed Ghazal with internal rhyme in each couplet.