Poetry by Jeff Green


My goddess

by cricketjeff on June 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I saw you standing in the sunset, silhouette against the gold.
My heart was lost and I had won, yet would you be my love to hold.
Explosions set my senses reeling, you were all I could desire.
I never dreamt I would be feeling like a phoenix in the fire.
Born again to worship beauty, acolyte of all you are,
Slave to every loving duty, captivated from afar.

Now all my dreams are fond illusion, you perform as loving wife,
I wake to find a sad confusion, not my dream of perfect life
One day I hope that I shall meet you, feel you fall in with me.
The Cupid’s darts I know will greet you are the means to set you free.
Then you and I will reign the beaches, lovers who will never part.
Pure happiness within my reaches, when you fall inside my heart.