Poetry by Jeff Green


Some mornings

by cricketjeff on June 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Some mornings
early mornings
before you wake
the World is clear
all the obstacles
all the confusions
are gone

Some mornings
early mornings
you have the answers

The only problem
is to write them down
before the real morning
when the real you
wakes to his life
his obstacles
his confusion

Not often

three or four times
in a life maybe
is clear

There are no better feelings
than capturing these mornings

Edison said
“Ninety nine percent perspiration”
but that is the other days
these special days
need no effort
just luck
and the skill to know
and write it down

I wish

I so wish

You all could have such a day

Author notes

In a previous incarnation I was, amongst other things, an inventor. The crystal clear joy of waking on a dark night with the whole of a finished idea in your head is beyond anything, even a poem.