Poetry by Jeff Green


The only dot that counts

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

One million billion stars out there
Enclosed in empty space
There’s far too much of everywhere
To find the human race

For thirteen billion years or more
The stars have lived and died
To think that we are what it’s for
Is just our foolish pride

Through endless tracts of empty space
For ever and a day
You’d hunt to find a friendly face
And never find a way

For every man alive on Earth
There’s galaxies to spare
The best of us are hardly worth
The weight of nothing there

And yet, if lost, I know I’d find
Each microscopic clue
For me there’d be no peace of mind
If I did not have you

Author notes

“You are just a dot in the Cosmos … you are here …”