Poetry by Jeff Green


Utopia lost

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just close your eyes and dream yourself away;
To where your life was surely meant to be,
To lands where all you ever want is free
And all there is to do is laugh and play.

I’ve closed my eyes and dreamt that you’re with me
And happiness and love are everywhere.
The greatest sights on Earth are there to see
And you are there with me so we can share.

When eyes are closed there’s beauty all around
And everyday you’re visiting the fair.
There’s nothing in your life that needs your care
And all that’s wrong on Earth cannot be found.

The truths of life can be a cruel surprise,
There comes a time you cannot close your eyes.

Author notes

A favourite sonnet rhyming scheme (abba bcbc cddc ee) of mine the idea is supposed to be to tie the quatrains together.