Poetry by Jeff Green


Robin Hood

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s legends of heroes who fought for the poor,
When England was under Prince John.
King Richard was fighting the Turk and the Moor,
While John thought he’d try out a con.

An outlaw named Robin, a Saxon of note,
Decided the taxes weren’t right.
He’d fought for King Richard but hadn’t a vote
Instead he decided to fight.

The Sheriff collected, and kept back a share,
The monies to send to the Prince
But taxing the poorest was never quite fair
And soon they were starting to wince.

So Robin decided a tax of his own –
That only the Sheriff should pay.
The money collected was only on loan
The Sheriff would lose it next day.

At Sherwood there’s forest around all the towns
And Robin was King of the woods.
The Sheriff collected some thousands of crowns
And Robin collected the goods.

He met little John in a fight on a log.
Like children they wouldn’t back down.
They ended up dirty and stood in the bog
But laughing not trying to drown.

Soon fat Friar Tuck had been hounded from church,
His preaching had got out of line.
He met up with Robin, conducted a search
For the smell of the deer and for wine.

Then Alan A’Dale who would sing of their deeds
And Much, who’s the son of a Miller
And many a peasant with terrible needs
Or labelled a thief or a killer.

The Saxons still bridled beneath Norman yoke,
The Sheriff and henchmen drove hard.
There is only so far you can push normal folk
Before they will form their own guard.

The stories have endings that never read true,
Of pardons and drinks with the King
Of ladies named Marion, grand castles too
But you shouldn’t believe everything.

King Richard returned but he didn’t live long
And John, as the King lost the lot.
Magna Carta was signed but he still got things wrong
And the Kingdom’s still going to rot.

Now all of these stories may be make believe
But tourists all flock to his oak.
And millions of visitors cannot conceive
That Robin is not a real bloke!

Author notes

Needs a lot of work yet!