Poetry by Jeff Green


Summer evenings

by cricketjeff on July 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A lazy Sun is dawdling across the sky to night
The Moon is sadly sulking and outshone
Electric blue expanses that are shot about with white
The birds are waiting ’til today is gone

A bumble bee is buzzing past a bush that’s flaming red
And butterflies still visit waiting flowers
In other lands where summer sits the day has gone to bed
But I can still enjoy it for some hours

I wander past a passionflower for strawberries to eat
And stop to watch a ladybird that prowls
A frog is hiding carefully away from summer heat
I’ll have to wait an hour or two for owls

The garden in the evening is a peaceful place to walk
I wish that you were walking here with me
A hand to hold, two lips to kiss and then to sit and talk
Then my garden would just the place to be