Poetry by Jeff Green


The stuff of life (and tea)

by cricketjeff on July 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Hydrogen hydroxide is the very stuff of life
With it’s tendency to cluster and to split
The hydrogens are labile far less faithful than a wife
And they love to gad about a little bit

It’s rare to find a molecule that doesn’t have a mate
They stick around in threes or fours or more
With anomolous bond distances when in the solid state
They make a lovely splashing on the floor

The pretty shapes the crystals form can decorate a tree
Or piled up high get formed into a drift
If it wasn’t for these properties there’s be no you and me
So without a little water I’d be miffed

Oxonium dihydride, as it’s almost never called
Is the liquid that I need to make some tea
So I’m grateful to this molecule as I’d really be appalled
If there was no way to make some tea for me!

Author notes

OK wasn’t sure what you wanted so I thought I’d stress the most vital function of one of natures marvels.