Poetry by Jeff Green


My pockets!!!

by cricketjeff on July 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Some verses by my favourites that make me laugh or sigh
A pocket watch so I can tell the time
A flashing badge, and message board to prove that I’m not shy
A silver dollar and a lucky dime
My wallet has my credit cards, more poems and some cash
A picture of my kids, a book of stamps
And with it are two penknives, bunch of keys, another flash
And batteries that should be in some lamps

My Oystercard, for buses, five quid note and Meggazones
A card that lists phone-numbers I should know
Same magnets, and a buzzing thing, a pair of mobile phones
Some seeds I thought my wife might like to grow
There’s tissues for my hay fever and specs so I can see
I’m really not too sure what this is called
A screwdriver, a handy tool, all things so dear to me
And so much more you all would be appalled

My pockets are extensions of my rather cluttered mind
And I fill them up with things I like to hold
If you’ve a gadget that you’ve lost, I bet that I can find
Another like it in the deepest fold
So I rattle rather noisily and bulge around my hips
With things that I should really throw away
But if I see something that I like then into there it slips
So I’ve always got some things with which to play!

Author notes

Meggazones are cough sweets that taste revolting and work. I haven’t mentioned the other wallet, pens, laser pointer, toys to give to passing kids and pretty ladies, a book and any number of other things …

An Oystercard is a prepayment card for using transport in London, rather like electronic cash that doesn’t really work and a “quid” is a British pound a five quid note is about ten dollars.