Poetry by Jeff Green


The fool

by cricketjeff on July 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He stares at the world through the glass he has drained
And thinks that he really might die
Relations just lately were getting quite strained
She’s left him for some other guy

He gave her the best of his love and his cash
She gave him good times every week
She took all his money, now she’s made a dash
The future is nothing but bleak

He asks the bar tender to pour him some more
And he thinks of the times that they had
The way that she used him to pay every store
With promise of being “So Bad!”

She drained him, then dumped him and left for the next
He gulped down the last of his drink
He looks at his phone and her last loving text
And wonders what he ought to think

His life had been happy with friends and a wife
She stole them along with his heart
His back was the target of love’s fatal knife
That woman has torn him apart

But you know, and I know, that later this year
Our hero will stumble once more
Another will find him and use him I fear
Then leave him like dirt on the floor

Author notes

Still needs work, and it is just a story!!! Prompt was “bitter”