Poetry by Jeff Green


Bleak prospects

by cricketjeff on July 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When yesterday’s the only day tomorrow wants to be
And all your future’s looking at your past
When you are gone and I’m alone depending just on me
Then every day will feel just like my last

When Birthdays only rattle past to mock me as I age
When happiness is left to all the rest
Then I will know that I placed my last thoughts on the page
And finally I’ve failed at every test

Each year I spent when you were gone would be more than a life
Each life would be a torture for my soul
I never wanted anything, except you for my wife
If you were gone I never could be whole

The weather every day would be just bleak and bitter grey
Each meal would see me eat a plate of gruel
Please never leave and send me to this fate of sad decay
No angel ever could become that cruel

The petty pace that days arrive, is galloped to a race
When tomorrow is a day that I’ll see you
So I shall smile and hold you tight and keep you in this place
Where you and I are safely one not two