Poetry by Jeff Green


Perfect weather

by cricketjeff on July 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The special sort of weather where the leaves dance on the trees
A gentle breath of wind from South of West
I know that you’re beside me in your thoughts upon the breeze
That is the sort of weather I like best

Beneath a summer rainbow when the wind so nearly dies
I feel my hand receive a gentle squeeze
An echo of your laughter and the softest of your sighs
Is held within your thoughts upon the breeze

The gently splashing raindrops that were lifted from the seas
Are filled with all the pictures in your mind
Your poetry and passion are the thoughts upon the breeze
Those raindrops seem to wash into my mind

The dewdrops in the morning that will sparkle for the sun
The tricks that Mother Nature does to please
Each balmy day when children know that life was made for fun
Are really just your thoughts upon the breeze

The dappled light I pass through when the sun decides to tease
I never take a lonely woodland walk
The flowers in the clearings hear your thoughts upon the breeze
As you and I enjoy a little talk

When fluffy clouds turn angry and the warmth is chased away
I always know the way to find my ease
I’ve locked away a reservoir against each rainy day
Of loving thoughts you sent me on the breeze

Author notes

Prompt “thoughts upon the breeze”