Poetry by Jeff Green


Island dreams

by cricketjeff on July 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On a distant desert island, where the world would stay away.
And you and I could lead the life we choose.
In the perfect balmy weather and with all the day to play,
There is nothing we could ever do to lose.

I’d see you dancing naked to the music of the world.
In every way we wanted we’d make love.
We would live each day together every moment boyed and girled,
As we dreamt our lives beneath the stars above.

A little hut for loving, and a lean-to where we’d laugh,
Another simple shelter on the beach.
No need to hide our feelings when there isn’t any staff
We would keep each other’s bodies well in reach.

I would spend such time within you and I’d learn each way you rise
You would lead me down the paths that lead to bliss.
I would lick each inch with pleasure and go dancing in your eyes,
Then sleep each night locked to you with a kiss.