Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

… and while I slept I dreamt myself inside a garden wall
Where roses turned their faces to the moon
Some rushes tried to rustle by the tiny waterfall
And poppies all fell prostrate in a swoon

A swing beneath an oak tree and a pretty smiling face
That welcomes me to sit beside her side
Each cheek shows off a dimple that is in the proper place
Her eyes two perfect pools where I could hide

A gentle swinging motion like the rocking of a boat
She asks me all my cares, they wash away
Atop the silent ocean I relax and start to float
And next to her I know I want to stay

On the sea or in her garden, in a dream no-one can know,
There’s nowhere else on Earth I want to be
She swings and holds me gently as we chatter to and fro
Her hands undo the locks and set me free

Our lips have met in kisses and our hands are finding out
The secrets that we know we ought to share
Caressing me with certainty, without a trace of doubt
I know that I can feel her everywhere

We curl beneath her covers, now my dream is in her bed
We’re naked and we seem to share one heart
My lover can you feel me, are you just inside my head?
I want to sleep so other dreams can start