Poetry by Jeff Green


Dream of me tonight

by cricketjeff on July 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Will you hold me in your dreams and kiss my lips
Let me love you as I sleep and dream of you
Please forgive me if my hand should find your hips
Just pretend that is the proper thing to do

In my dreams you hold me tight and kiss me back
Let your fingers find the way to turn me on
I melt before the force of your attack
But do you love me still when dreams are gone?

Tonight and every night I need your fire
I want to fill each dream with loving bliss
My dreams are just the proof of my desire
Please humour me and give me just one kiss

Sweet lady of my dreams I want you so
So dream of me tonight then we can meet
The only thing I’m sure that you should know
Without your love I’ll never be complete