Poetry by Jeff Green


I cannot tell a lie

by cricketjeff on September 27, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The greatest lie that’s ever heard
A mangling of the spoken word
Yet many people seem to try
To make believe they cannot lie

However truthful we may be
There comes a time when such as we
Well maybe lie is out of place
Will bend the truth to match the case

“Honey does this make me fat?”
How does the truthful answer that?
A better way you can’t deny
Is find a friendly little lie

So I will take your words to be
You are not lying here to me
But if you were you’d never say
Life’s a tricky game to play!

Author notes

A friend started a sentence with “I cannot tell a lie…”

as many friends often do. I wonder how the little things in life work out sometimes…