Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The gentle rolling motion of the boat that beats the breeze
Is soothing me to sleep beneath the sun.
A picnic basket full of food has put me at my ease,
We’ve also had a glass or two of fun.

I’m not the greatest sailor but the sea is calm and flat;
My friends have said they’ll show me why they sail.
I came aboard in shirt and jeans, I’ve bought a natty hat,
A month ago they say they saw a whale.

The shore is on the starboard side (that’s right to you and me),
There doesn’t seem an awful lot to do.
My friends are pulling on some ropes, and looking out to sea
I’m sprawling in the stern and watching you.

The sail is flapping lazily, and you are in your book,
While I have poured another glass of wine.
Your shirt has opened, just enough for me to take a look
The sight inside is really rather fine.

I think I’ll take to sailing if it always goes like this,
With wine and pretty girls who love to tease.
You close your book, but not your shirt, and give me lips to kiss
I love this little boat that beats the breeze.

Author notes

If I am being STRICTLY honest with my readers the boat in question is 7 inches long and I wrote this in the bath, but …