Poetry by Jeff Green


You old dog!

by cricketjeff on July 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A lazy old dog on the porch in the Sun
Looking for biscuits and sleeping for fun
Wasn’t this way when his life had begun
But now he is happy with lazing

A lazy old dog had a walk for a while
In summer the walking is done in slow style
His owner beside him and wearing a smile
The views in the heat are all hazing

A lazy old dog how is dreaming of eats
Of ham from a sandwich or similar treats
If she came out here he would lie on her feets
The porch in the sun is amazing

This lazy old dog now comes in for the night
No time for day dreaming by now that ain’t right
It’s night and its time that she turned out the light
Real dreams while he’s happily lazing