Poetry by Jeff Green


Another dawn

by cricketjeff on July 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a garden lit by moonbeams there are dreams that you can taste
When you wander with your lover past the dawn
Where the plants have spread their branches and their blooms are nicely placed
You are safe from prying killjoys and their scorn
Where the stars have kissed the flowers with a breath of magic air
And the leaves are shone with dew and fairy hands
You may find your lover melts into a dream you want to share
Of a life that just the sunrise understands

Author notes

Go to sleep you idiot!

I wrote it when I couldn’t get to sleep, but reading it this morning is in an interesting meter. A “ballad measure” with alternating long and short lines in this case tetrameter and termeter but the feet are of variable length mainly three or four syllables, I like it though