Poetry by Jeff Green


Smoke and mirrors

by cricketjeff on July 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He stands alone before the beast, unbowed
And dares his foe to find a way to pass
The dragon, ready for a feast, uncowed
Can not believe a man could match his class

The horse beneath the man stands firm and true
He knows the knight is master of the day
This is the day this dreadful worm will rue
The final day that he can daunt and play

The flames that block the sky with smoke and glare
Have far less heat than tales and legends tell
With mighty lance our knight can stoke the air
He leaves it on the spot the dragon fell

The beast could daunt those men who knew this fear
But bullies fall to those whose view is clear

Author notes

Shakespearian sonnet with complex rhymes in the odd numbered lines and couplet. just for fun.

And just for Melvin I have to point out this is a metaphorical dragon, real dragons are friendly and helpful. I have never met one who would bully anyone.