Poetry by Jeff Green


Frozen beauty

by cricketjeff on July 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In days when magic ruled the world of men
When dragons tried to save us all from sin
Inside a brooding castle in the glen
Penhellyn wove a spell designed to win

He trapped in ice the mighty fairy Queen
Seen still in her unearthly majesty
She cannot break apart the icy screen
Clean crystal walls that mean she’s never free

Yutao has tried to melt the ice with fire
Irate at what the wizard dared to do
Few spells can stand against a wirm’s desire
Higher powers than his have set him here like glue

This spell will surely fall apart in bliss
Miss Right can free them both with just one kiss

Author notes

If you look at the comments you will see Allan has troubles with higher powers, which for me is usually a two syllable phrase (I can do either word as 2 beans but usually they are one each), it is hard to come up with an Iambic phrase starting with a rhyme for eye (since of course true rhyme only works on the stressed syllable) but I shall keep looking for something that will work for all.

A “PerVirtuous Shakespearian Princess Sonnet” I hope.
That is the rhyme scheme for the ends of the lines is abab cdcd efef and for the heads of the lines is baba dcdc fefe gg.

I have done three or four attempts at these sonnets now, and while I like the idea I haven’t really come up with anything that I feel has been enhanced by the “double rhyming” I think there is a poem out there that will really work in it, but I haven’t found it.