Poetry by Jeff Green


Lost love (A Keats Sonnet)

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to sit beside you every night
To swing away the evening filled with joy
And hold your hand and kiss you tenderly

Why did we have to argue and to fight
Instead of playing like a girl and boy
We had to spoil it all and try to score

If you were here I’d pull you close to me
And whisper that I’d always treat you right
Before I told you what I should enjoy

Forgiveness from your lips would set me free
So we could love and start our lives anew
As lovers not as enemies at war

I dream we could be one not stay as two
That surely is a dream worth fighting for

Author notes

It stinks and I have no idea why I decided to write one as I don’t think I’ve read any even by Keats I like