Poetry by Jeff Green


Wishing and washing

by cricketjeff on July 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the bath I’m drawing pictures in my mind
Of the way you look to me inside my dreams
We are walking on a path we chanced to find
Across a hillside full of sheep and little streams

Now we spread our arms out wide and start to fly
And below us all the world can stretch away
I’ll dream of all the things I’d like to try
And teach you all the games I want to play

Now you land beside a boat upon the beach
And we sail to meet the sun before it sets
But then just before the sunset is in reach
We must stop to live the life that time forgets

Now the water in my bath is getting cold
And I hope my dream is real before I’m old

Author notes

A sonnet in a sort of ternary meter, does it work for you?