Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He swings the propeller the engine ignites
Then jumps in the cockpit and heads for the heights
While far down below him magnificent sights
Are turning themselves into toytown

The engine is roaring there’s wind in his face
He’s free of the ground in this wide open space
With birds all around him that want to play chase
In the air above dear little toytown

He learnt about flying to fight in a war
Half a lifetime ago when the nations were sore
But really this fighting, what is it all for?
Now he’s home in the air above toytown

The engine starts spluttering it’s time he must land
Before all the fuels gone and landing’s “unplanned”
He’d rather land safely as you’ll understand
So he heads for a field outside toytown

With bumping and bouncing he lands by the crop
And slowly his aircraft is brought to a stop
He jumps from the cockpit and savours the drop
Now it’s real and it isn’t like toytown

Tomorrow our pilot will take off again
And circle the landscape in his ancient plane
And do it each day that his heart takes the strain
He hopes that he’ll die over toytown!

Author notes

Just a little story, I hope you like