Poetry by Jeff Green


The Fairy Queen

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I saw you dance in sunbeams, in the clearing in the wood
And lost my heart to how you made me feel.
You moved like liquid satin, I was frozen where I stood,
How could I know a fairy queen was real.
The magic of the moment met the wonder in my eyes,
My life was changed forever by an afternoon surprise.

Each day I found I wandered to that leafy woodland glade
Where first I saw the ruler of my heart.
You never said you saw me as I watched you from the shade
As you rehearsed the movements of your art.
Each day you danced more lithely and each day I loved you more,
I never thought to ask you what it was you danced there for.

Three weeks we kept the ritual, three weeks of summer bliss.
We never spoke, although you smiled at me.
I dreamed each night you loved me and were waiting for a kiss
But never made my dreams reality.
There came a day when you weren’t there, the glade was grey and bare,
No fairies in the sunlight and no music in the air.

Beneath my tears I noticed there was something on the tree,
An envelope was pinned right where I’d look.
No writing on the outside but I knew it was for me
Inside there was a ticket and a book.
I read the book that evening, then I watched you dance the role
And after by the stage-door, just one kiss and I was whole.

Author notes

wouldn’t it be nice if life worked like this!