Poetry by Jeff Green


The Catalyst

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Moon looks down as we look up
To see her rule the sky
We’ll toast her from a silver cup
And ask her how to fly

She sees the world from up above
And smiles at what she sees
Her light ignites our thoughts of love
And puts us at our ease

The flowers in her silver glow
Are not a patch on you
The beauty in the smile you show
Has told me what to do

I take you in my arms to kiss
And feel you on my lips
There’s never been a warmth like this
Except where moonlight drips

It seems this kiss could last for years
But we need something more
Somehow our clothing disappears
To let our spirits soar

And all your skin sets me on fire
You sigh your joy aloud
The modest Moon sees our desire
And slips behind a cloud.

Author notes

If you want a beautiful simple and time honoured form, this is for you. It is called Ballad Measure (or sometimes English Hymn Measure).

It is older than Shakespeare and almost every decent poet (and millions of not so decent ones!) for a thousand years has written in it from time to time.

The dreaded rules!
Strictly speaking, and mine here is pretty strict, it is in alternating iambic tetrameter and termeter. Forget those names!
Think eight syllable and six syllable lines. Each line with a di-DUM di-DUM beat.
The eight syllable lines either rhyme with each other or don’t, the six syllable lines rhyme. Clever poets throw in internal rhymes and alliterations and all the fireworks they can find, doesn’t matter the simplest ballads can be the most beautiful. They can be as short as eight lines or last for years.
Do please have a go at it!

Oh and if you would prefer another sonnet for this contest just let me know and I’ll see if I can find you one bouncing around inside my head